We Are Multiplayer AGENCY

We are an experienced team of innovators shaping the future of marketing with games, interactive content, and digital technologies, creating bespoke campaigns for brands globally.

About Us

Our expertise lies in creating authentic connections with GEN-Z and GEN-Alpha demographics. As Multiplayer Agency, we integrate games, interactive content, and digital technologies seamlessly into our strategy. Backed by over a decade of experience, our team of pioneers has mastered the integration of the digital world and new media.

We offer 360-degree services and have crafted bespoke content and campaigns, reaching thousands through both online and offline events. We’ve had the privilege of working with numerous brands, both locally and globally, which empowers our innovative approach.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we shape the future of marketing, blending creativity, games, and stories into memorable brand experiences. Together, let’s unlock the doors to next-gen marketing!

Our Values

Our values are at the heart of everything we do. We believe in integrity, passion, and excellence.

Interactive Innovation

We bring your brand to life with interactive video ads, leveraging cutting-edge technology to create immersive, engaging experiences.

Unified Creativity

Our team of creative experts and production specialists collaborate seamlessly with clients, ensuring high-quality output and a unified vision.

Innovative Freedom

We champion freedom of thought, believing innovative ideas and creative exploration propel successful advertising campaigns.

Optimized Insights

We optimize your campaign performance with data-driven insights, fine-tuning every element for maximum effectiveness and conversion.

Meet Our Team

Our team is a group of passionate individuals who work together to achieve excellence.

AbdelKareem Elamaireh

Game Designer

Atakan Erdal

Jr. Game Developer

Aura Tepe

Community Manager


Game Developer


Social Media Specialist

Berk Elçi

QA Analyst /
Game Tester

Berk Yılmaz

Sales & Marketing Intern


Graphic Designer


Influencer Marketing Director

Can Ceyhan

Art Director

Cihat Bakır

Co-Founder / CEO

Duygu Holat


Eda Eren


Ege Sağın

Head of Community &
Int. Business Development

Ekim Tan

Game Designer /
Technical Artist

Elif Ceren Gürşün

influencer Marketing

Elif Kafa

Sales & Marketing

Emir Faruk

Graphic Designer &
Social Media Specialist

Enis Kirazoğlu

Content Creator

Esra Metin

Influencer Marketing

Fatih Duran

Publishing Specialist

Kaan Dertürk

Digital Marketing Director

Koray Gök

Head of Agency

Kutay Filibeli

Jr. Game Developer


Business Intelligence

Mehmet Onur


Digital Innovation &
Product Lead

Merthan Yalçın

Co-Founder / President

Metehan Çimci

Product Manager

Mert Aksoy

Game Design Intern

M. Furkan Karip

Community Manager /
Sales Assistant

Nihal Sezeroğlu

Marketing & PR Manager

Onur Başaran

Digital Sales Manager

Orhun Kayaalp

Gaming Content Lead

Ozan Güller

Marketing & Social
Media Manager

Ozan Hindistan

Game Artist

Ömer Faruk

IT Specialist

Samet Evren

Game Developer

Sarp Çetiner

Director / Production

Sercan Özdemir

Marketing Operations

Taylan Acar

Director / Video Editor

Tunca Arslan

Head of Production

Ulaş Bank

Sales Specialist

Yenal Koçer

Game Design Intern

Z. Lerna Ökten

People & Culture Manager

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