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Nowadays more and more traditional companies integrate fun and creativity in their advertisements to attract the attention of their customers. With games, chat bots, AI technologies, CGI advertisements and user-generated content, companies are coming up with new ideas to merge the old and the new. These initiatives prove the vast number of approaches that can be used in creating effective marketing strategies, thus proving that it is crucial to follow modern trends in order to stay relevant in the context of the rapidly evolving market.

Perles & Co’s 20-year celebration quiz 

To mark the company’s 20th anniversary, Perles & Co took the fun up a notch by adding a special quiz as a marketing tool to keep their audience hooked. The winners were the participants with scores equal to or higher than 6 points, who were offered to participate in a draw to receive a unique opportunity to visit the company’s headquarters for two days. This particular incentive also entailed a chance to meet the staff members of the brand, get acquainted with the picturesque surroundings, and participate in an ensemble creative session that demonstrated the company’s appreciation of art and creativity.


To improve the quiz experience further, Perles & Co introduced a time limit for every question set. This element of time constraint not only increased the level of difficulty and interest in the quiz but also helped develop the aspect of prompt decision-making among the participants. 

Apart from the competitive element, this activity had several other clear benefits. It was designed to incentivize and value the customers to create a stronger bond with the company. Thus, through such an interactive approach, Perles & Co achieved the goal of creating an enjoyable event that participants would remember.

Moreover, the quiz enabled Perles & Co. to gather meaningful information regarding the customers’ preferences and actions. These findings can be useful for future marketing campaigns and future products of the brand, to satisfy the demands of the target audience in the future. Further, the quiz allowed capturing newsletter subscribers – this means the company can reach out to more people and communicate with the customers effectively.

Lolaliza’s spot the difference game

Since fashion weeks are held all over the world at the beginning of the year, there can be no better time to find inspiration for customers’ next shopping trip. LolaLiza, which is always engaged in the latest trends, has chosen the beginning of the year to prepare a gift for the viewers.


The brand has recently introduced an interesting “spot the difference” game which is very effective in presenting their new line. This interactive marketing initiative is a great opportunity for LolaLiza to communicate with its audience and introduce the newest products more entertainingly. Furthermore, the game can be used as a powerful tool to gather information for a newsletter and expand the circle of clients and their interactions.

The incentives don’t end there. All the players who are involved in the game get an opportunity to be rewarded an €8 discount on the next shopping session, which makes the game quite appealing to fashion lovers. To make the activity more engaging, the winners are offered a chance to win a €40 gift voucher which makes the task more competitive.

Thus, by combining entertainment and fashion, LolaLiza guarantees that their new collection will be noticed and creates a vivid image of the further perspectives for the year.

The Campbell’s ‘pAIntings’ Initiative Inspired by Artistic Greats

Back in the days of pop art, the Campbell’s Soup logo became part of mass culture after Andy Warhol painted it in the 1960s, and today it is regaining its appeal. Another recent effort by the brand, called ‘pAIntings,’ incorporates AI-produced art to pay tribute to and redesign the company’s soup cans. An example of such a project in Canada is the application of AI in the revitalization of old brands, thus integrating tradition with novelty.


The series ‘pAIntings’ displays Campbell’s cans in various artistic genres such as surrealism and abstraction The series, created with AI, takes the viewers through different time periods to see what the masters of art would have done with the famous cans. Akin to art installations, the digital presentation of Campbell’s cans is an interactive experience, which reimagines the classic design in the light of the present day.

Campbell’s Canada will feature these virtual gallery creations on its Instagram feed, engaging art enthusiasts with a unique opportunity: an opportunity to be a winner of the limited-edition prints of the creations of the AI program. This campaign does not only encourage the feeling of reminiscing the past but also the constant need for change for brands that wish to remain competitive in the current hi-tech world.

What Campbell has done here is make AI a part of a popular cultural icon, proving that the idea of marketing innovation within a tradition is another way of staying relevant. This move can be used to illustrate to other brands that they can successfully tackle the challenges of the contemporary market even when selling such a basic product as soup, with the help of a hint of technological innovation.

Pepsi 2024 rebrand uses CGI OOH ads for promotion


The year 2024 is a year of change for Pepsi as the legendary soft drink introduces a new logo. To celebrate this milestone, Pepsi has turned to the latest trend in marketing: CGI Out-of-Home (OOH) ads.

These ads use social media to increase brand equity through the use of ‘impossible,’ ‘ridiculous,’ and ‘alien’ images that are believable. This method usually involves using familiar objects to make it appear that something unique has happened.


Some examples of CGI marketing include Corona Beer’s hammock in Lima or the famous Maybelline New York’s fake lashes in the subway, London. Nevertheless, Pepsi’s 2024 rebrand marketing campaign has extended this trend globally with numerous CGI OOH clips. While some projections are very realistic like the ones in London, others are more unbelievable like the one in Warsaw. This global campaign is a perfect example of how CGI advertising can be engaging.

Such CGI marketing campaigns increase the interest in the brand and boost organic engagement in social networks which subsequently positively influence brand awareness and conversions. 

Apple #SHOTONIPHONE – Organic Social Media Marketing


#ShotOniPhone by Apple is one of the best examples of how social media can help revive the interest and passion towards the brand. Apple encouraged iPhone 6 users from all over the globe to upload their best photos using the hashtag #ShotOniPhone and out of the numerous photos submitted, 77 of the best photos were selected from 75 contributors from 25 countries.

The influence of the marketing campaign was further taken to another level when these photos went out of the screens. Apple also placed these images on 10,000 billboards and in magazines, newspapers, TV, and online ads. This changed the campaign to multi-channel and influenced people all over the world to talk about it. The results of the campaign were impressive.

Widespread Popularity: It indeed did not take long for the campaign to spread and receive support from all sorts of people. In this way, by choosing shots that captured people of different ages, gender, and ethnicity, Apple made the campaign easily recognizable and enjoyable, thus making it one of the best examples of digital marketing campaigns. The inclusion of various cultural and perceptual aspects made the show diverse and relatable to people across the globe.

Positive Reception: The overall response of the particular campaign was 95% positive and consumers as well as the industry leaders appreciated the campaign. This widespread acclaim not only justified the campaign’s unique and creative perspective but also extended it by word-of-mouth and social media reposts. It also helps that influencers and celebrities promoted it as well, which gave it more exposure and popularity.

Massive Reach and Engagement: The marketing campaign reached a staggering 6 million impressions. The number of iPhones sold per year rose to 62 million, and the total number reached 231 million. The reach of the campaign showed that massive content promotion through various forms of media is effective in reaching out to the people.

Various strategies of modern marketing depict how creativity and innovation can revitalize known brands. From digital experiences and AI-based arts to the games and user-generated content, businesses can better resonate with the audiences. Such creative marketing campaigns keep brands connected to their customers and create stronger bonds.


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