Innovative Marketing: 5 AI tools to power up your business

Keeping up with marketing trends and not being left behind by competitors is not easy. Standing out from the crowd is a real challenge for modern businesses. Still, thanks to fast-developing technologies, various tools and options can help you with different aspects of business management. 

This article explores a range of cutting-edge AI tools designed to empower creators, marketers, and business owners across various aspects of their online presence. From crafting captivating video content and building AI-powered influencers to optimizing your website’s chatbot and generating SEO-crushing content, we’ll present examples and discuss the functionalities of these innovative platforms and how they can revolutionize your approach to marketing. 


Video marketing is king, but creating professional videos can be time-consuming. This is where Sora AI, a revolutionary tool poised to change the content creation game, can be useful in a long-term marketing strategy. 


Sora is a text-to-video generator. You describe your vision in a prompt, and the AI conjures up stunning, original footage. Unlike other models that cobble together existing clips, Sora crafts entirely unique videos based on your request. Imagine explaining your product demo or ad concept and having Sora instantly translate that into a polished, minute-long video. 

But Sora’s magic doesn’t stop there. The generated videos are not only original but also remarkably realistic. Sora’s output is impressive, from lighting and shadows to movement and details. Need a cartoony explainer video instead? No problem! Sora adapts to your desired style, be it black-and-white, 3D animation, or claymation. For example, you can just write a prompt, ‘Basketball through the hoop then explodes,’ and get the video below in a matter of seconds.


This level of customization opens a treasure chest of possibilities. Use Sora for storyboarding, prototyping ideas, or comparing styles that perfectly match your brand. 

Feeling limited by existing video content? Sora can extend your creative reach. Upload a clip and have Sora seamlessly add an extra minute to the beginning or end, perfect for expanding narratives or fine-tuning pacing. 

Sora’s potential extends beyond creation. Imagine enhancing grainy footage or sharpening blurry details – tasks currently handled by expensive video editing software. Sora promises to be an all-in-one tool, saving editors time and money.

And for those with a clear vision, Sora can breathe life into still images. Upload a photo, describe your concept, and watch as Sora animates it, saving you the time of describing your vision in detail.

Sora AI is still developing, but its potential to streamline video marketing and empower creators is undeniable. With Sora, anyone can become a video whiz, crafting professional-looking content that grabs attention and stops the scroll. 


Tired of the same old social media routine? Glambase lets you build your own AI-powered influencer, but with none of the real-world drama!  Design a unique virtual persona, complete with personality and style. Then, watch Glambase generate engaging content like posts, images, and videos.


Here’s why AI influencers are the future:

  • Always On, Always Perfect: AI influencers never miss a beat, unlike real people. They can churn out content 24/7 and maintain a squeaky-clean image, avoiding public scandals or social media gaffes.
  • Complete Control: You control your virtual star’s every move. Tailor their personality, style, and even what brands they endorse to match your vision perfectly.
  • Cost-Effective: There are no diva demands or hefty fees! Glambase offers a more cost-effective way to reach your target audience than real influencers.
  • Global Appeal: Break language and location barriers! Your AI influencer can speak any language and connect with fans worldwide.

Share your creation across social media and watch your following grow. Glambase makes managing your virtual influencer easy with real-time analytics and convenient cash-out options. It’s time to take your online presence to the next level with the power of AI by your side!


Along with other AI tools that can improve customer experience, chatbots are a crucial aspect of every B2C business. Chatbase can transform your website content or documents into a helpful, 24/7 AI chatbot. Simply connect your data source and Chatbase’s advanced AI, modeled after GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, will analyze it to answer visitor questions with human-like responses. 


Creating a chatbot with Chatbase is effortless. Connect your website or upload documents, and Chatbase will train its AI model on your content. You can customize your bot with a name, avatar, and starting prompt before embedding it on your website or integrating it using their API.  

A Chatbase chatbot offers various benefits. Trained on your specific content, the chatbot understands your business and responds accurately to inquiries. Advanced AI ensures natural conversations, while 24/7 availability provides constant support. You can customize the chatbot to match your brand and offer multilingual support to reach a global audience. Integration is seamless, allowing you to embed the chatbot on your website or connect it with other platforms.

Chatbase chatbots can be used for various purposes.  Provide automated customer support by answering FAQs and resolving basic issues around the clock. Engage visitors with relevant information and convert them into leads. Answer product and order questions on e-commerce stores to boost customer satisfaction. Share expertise and information conveniently with a knowledge base. Build trust and authority on marketing sites by offering instant support and information. 


Are you struggling to get your content seen on search engines? Surfer SEO is here to help. This AI-powered tool analyzes what makes top-ranking articles tick, giving you a clear roadmap to SEO success. 

Just enter your niche and target audience, and Surfer SEO provides a treasure trove of insights: high-performing keywords, optimal content structure, and even image recommendations. Write directly in Surfer’s editor or paste your existing content for real-time SEO scoring.  

Integrations with popular tools like Jasper and WordPress make Surfer SEO a seamless addition to your content marketing workflow. Plus, with big brands like FedEx and Shopify trusting Surfer SEO, you know you’re on the right track to organic search domination. 


Drowning in a sea of underwhelming ad campaigns? AdCreative.AI throws you a life raft powered by artificial intelligence. This innovative tool caters to businesses of all sizes, from startups to established enterprises, by streamlining the creation of high-performing ad visuals and text for marketing campaigns

AdCreative.AI cuts through the noise of traditional ad creation with a suite of features designed to save you time and money. Here’s how it elevates your marketing game:

  • AI-powered Creative Spark. No more creative roadblocks!  Get inspired with AI-generated ad visuals and compelling copy suggestions tailored to your brand and target audience. 
  • Conversion Champion. Forget vanity metrics. AdCreative.AI focuses on what truly matters – turning viewers into customers. Its conversion-focused approach ensures your ads resonate with your target audience and drive results.
  • All-in-One Ad Architect. Streamline your workflow by generating a complete ad strategy and creating all the necessary creative assets within a single platform. No more jumping between different tools and wasting precious time. 
  • Professional Product Polish. Showcase your products in their best light. AdCreative.AI includes background removal for your product photos, ensuring a clean and professional presentation that grabs attention. 
  • Seamless Integration. AdCreative.AI doesn’t disrupt your existing workflow. It integrates seamlessly into your current processes, allowing you to generate high-performing ads without a steep learning curve. 

There are already so many more AI tools that can help businesses with marketing. However, AI technologies are developing exponentially, thus it is just a matter of time when we see businesses and their marketing workflow fully operated by artificial intelligence. The exciting AI future is becoming more and more real.


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